POR - Price on request, depending on your needs

Video Editing

You'll need:
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Smart Phone
  • DropBox App
  • A Fast Internet Connection
  • Make sure you don't upload using your phones data (4G/3G/LTE) - this will cost you unless you have unlimited data usage

    The plan is, you upload your photos/videos to the DropBox folder, once they're uploaded I'll download them and start working on them.
    It would be beneficial if you have an idea of the type of video you want. If this is something you are interested in I can only assume you have seen another video that you like - if you can, direct me to this video so I have an idea of what you're after. If not, that's not a problem as we can work together to create it.

    Once the video is finished I can
    1.  Create a YouTube channel for you and upload the video to that.
    2.  Upload the file to the DropBox where you can download and share via social media.
    3.  I can purchase a USB stick and give you a physical copy of the video

    You let me know what option you prefer or if it's all 3... Bear in mind, for option 3 you'd have to pay for the USB.

    Examples of holiday videos that I made for myself from 2014 here

    Promotional Video

    You'll need:
  • Photos & Videos
  • Email Access
  • Social Media Contact
  • Music choice
  • Inspiration
  • If you have a company or website and you'd like to promote it, I could make a promotional video for you to showcase on social media.
    Depending on the size of the company and the material (photos/vids) available depends on what I could do, email any relevant details and I'll let you know

    Photo Editing

    You'll need:
  • Photo(s)
  • Email Access
  • Social Media Contact
  • If you have a photo that you'd like edited. I.e. someone/something taken out or added in, colour corrected / changed or anything else.
    Email me the details and I'll let you know if it's do-able or not.

    Email your enquiry using the button below. I will instruct you depending on what you need.