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Frequently Asked Questions

Before emailing, please take time to read below. If you cannot find the answer to your question, then proceed to email.

Tracks will only be published via mixtapes. If you want a specific song, you have to request it via the request form. No other fulfilment of this process will be available.

It is not possible to publish the tracks to streaming services such as the above as they require licensing from a record label or a distributor. The tracks on Fagan-1.Com are 'mixes' of other artist's work. Therefore, the easiest way to stream the Fagan-1.Com music is via the links provided. If there is another way that you'd like to recommend, email me using the contact form.

All available songs are listed on the archive list. To help you find a song within the page, a search bar has been embedded - use it.

Any emails of this type will be ignored, sorry.

The tracks on archive list are a massive collection I collated over the years. I personally won't be able to host that many tracks again without paying for better hosting and I don't see that happening anytime soon. The only way to get the tracks is to make a request. If successful the track may be released on a future mix tape.

Don't know.

Mixtape One was released to promote a good cause and because I had received emails asking me to make the music the site is known for available again. Thanks to those who took the time to email.

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Make a request

Use the contact form below to request to have a track on a mixtape.