fagan-1.com History

I’ve ran and maintained this site since I was around 15 years old. Between 2006-2009 the site was one of the most popular in Scotland to people of the same age as me. The main draw of the website was the availability of the then popular PCDJ music. My site was the most updated, reliable at the time hence it’s popularity. Nowadays there is no demand for the music and the website has been rarely visited for a few years. The only people I imagine will come across this site will be people who were familiar with it from back in the day. For anyone unfamiliar you can check the web archive of the site here.

I can be contacted via social media at the bottom of the page.

Photo / Video Editing Service

Video sharing sites such as YouTube will be around for a long time to come, therefore it could be an idea to share your memorable moments (publicly or privately) in a video on this service. Contact me if you'd like to collate memories from events into a video to save forever. I will transform your memories into a video for you to share on social media or to store forever on YouTube. Videos I have created for myself can be seen on my YouTube page.

Photos that you have that you think would look better with; a different background, someone/something removed/added to the photo or any general photo touch ups that you would like.

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Online Shop Service

This service will create a website and shopping cart service for your business. This service will give you a platform to showcase your product and or service on a personalised website while receiving payments and generating customer statistics.

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